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Tracy Tate

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Established in 2008, our mission at Cage Candy Apparel for women is to continuously provide the most comfortable and innovating brand of clothing to compliment a woman’s mind , body and soul. We provide the opportunity to capture the women's inner strength and express it through our brand. 

Cage Candy was created for women by women. Inspired by Tapout, with their "Simply Believe" attitude and Daymond John's (CEO of FUBU) superior knowledge of fashion branding, motivated this single mother of three, to make a dream and passion her reality. We created this together we standline exclusively for women to represent two different things. One, the opportunity to show her love and support for MMA (mixed martial arts) and two, to celebrate her fighting spirit.


Through our founders own journey she has overcome many

obstacles and heartaches which has motivated her to FIGHT back, to GIVE back, to ENCOURAGE, and CELEBRATE the FIGHTING spirit of a woman. All women who wear Cage Candy acknowledge that they are courageous, strong and celebrating the FIGHTER within themselves while simultaneously encouraging other women to stay strong and remind them that they are not alone. Our line brings women together. Our line is the voice of a women's strength and represents her determination to succeed. 

We take enormous pride in our brand and strive for superb customer service. We want your experience with our company to be positive and memorable. Whether you are a athlete, a MMA fan, remembering/honoring a loved one, battling an illness, abuse, or just life itself.



No matter what your FIGHT is...Cage Candy is here for YOU...reminding you that we are in your corner helping you FIGHT your FIGHT.







About Tracy



I was born in Long Beach Ca in 1967, but lived most of my years in the high desert area. This is what I consider home. I have three siblings, but I am the dreamer of the family (a true Pisces).

I have been a single parent of three since I was 25 years old. Now, I am 50 years old, and proud of it! My children are 34, 27 and 25 and I also have 3 grandchildren. I have undergone nine arm surgeries between both my right and left arms over the years. I have always maintained 2-3 jobs at a time in order to support my kids. I give the word "multi-tasking" a whole new meaning!



You do what you gotta do. They are my world, period end of story. Your children become the product of their environment. So, I decided not to tell them about examples, and I became the example. And now I have two college graduates who are pursing Master degrees and my youngest is a freshman in college. I told them they will get their education by making mistakes in life and also in school. But, if they get degrees, they can fund their DREAMS!

I remind them, that they are children of a dreamer & I'm living proof you are never too old to make your dreams come true!”


I am a college graduate. It took me 15 years to do it! All three of my children attended my graduation as I led the honor's class. I wanted to "walk my talk' and show my children that the only thing stopping you in life from meeting your goals and making your dream happen is you! 


I am here to listen to your story. We can inspire each other! Cage Candy is just not a's a movement! This is your way of letting the world know, you are a FIGHTER!  So, put on your Cage Candy shirt and wear it with pride! You will love the INSTANT COURAGE! God Bless you and remember to "FIGHT your FIGHT"


Tracy Tate
Founder, Creator, and Fighter In Life
Ph: (760) 265-5122

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Cage Candy was featured in a 2-page story in Tapout Magazine (issue #43) Dec 2011.

tap out magazine

At the end of the day, we are competing for dollars. At the same time, I can't say enough about Tracy's passion for the sport, and what an amazing person she is to be around. I can't say enough good things about Tracy and what she is accomplishing!

~ Dan Caldwell, "Punkass"

Tracy Tate